The Spice Girls cancel their 20th year reunion

goss 03/11/2017

2017 was meant to be the year that The Spice Girls reunited. What happened?

Last year, Geri Halliwell, Mel B and Emma Bunton (also known as Ginger, Scary and Baby Spice) teamed up for the 20th anniversary of “Wannabe” in a teaser video, forming a reunion project called GEM. 

And while Victoria Beckham and Melanie C were firm in not being part of this project, it sounds like it isn't moving forward at all with any of the Spice Girls.

Geri revealed in an interview with Red, “I really pushed to get everyone back together. It got to the point where I just had to let it go,” she told the magazine. “I still love the girls, and there are other bits and bobs in the pipeline.”

Geri is now planning to focus on TV projects: “I want to reclaim my identity [and] do things I’m proud of and contribute to the world. I think it’s time to throw my hat in the ring,” she said.