Which Married at First Sight NZ couples chose to stay together?

goss 13/11/2017

There's been lots of highs and lows on the first season of Married at First Sight NZ and last night saw our couples make their final decision - will the 3 remaining couples stay together or call it quits?

Ben & Aaron

Photo credit: Three (Mediaworks)

They've had a pretty bumpy ride over the past 6 weeks, with Ben being the centre of a lot of the drama. The couple had agreed to keep working on their relationship after the experiment, Aaron held up his end of the deal - but Ben called it quits.

Vicky & Andrew

Photo credit: Three (Mediaworks)

Vicky & Andrew's relationship seemed destined for one place only... The 'friendzone'. After more than a few arguments the pair started getting along, but it wasn't enough to take their relationship to the next level. Andy was keen to give it a go but Vicky didn't share the same passion.

Brett & Angel

Photo credit: Three (Mediaworks)

There is hope! 5/6 of the relationships didn't last but Brett and Angel are still going strong. Right from day one the couple were loved up and that shows no signs of slowing down. They described each other as 'the one' and we couldn't be happier for them!