Sonny Bill Williams receives criticism over family snap

goss 13/12/2017

It was supposed to be a harmless family photo on holiday, but Sonny Bill Williams instead received a number of comments criticising his parenting.

A number of Instagram users weighed into the comments section on a photo the All Blacks player posted of him, his wife Alana, and daughters Imaan, three, and one-year-old Aisha in Rarotonga.

In the photo, his family is enjoying their roofless convertible, but toddler Imaan is seen not strapped into her own car seat.

"Don't wanna be a total mum bit seriously - car seat dude," one wrote.

"Family comes first but no car seats - come on Sonny you should know better."

"Should she not have a car seat?" another asked, while one noted: "Lucky she has a seat belt on."

Other users on Instagram did come to defence of the sports star to say to critics that road safety and child restraint laws are only loosely applied in the Cook Islands.

"Relax peeps, in the islands speed limit is like 30-40kms/h and never heard of any accidents here in paradise."

"Kids here don't even wear seat belts, they sit at the back of trucks on aunties and uncles laps."

Sonny Bill Williams has yet to respond to the comments as he still holidays with his family on the islands.