‘Red Dress’ actress at the Golden Globes defends why she didn’t wear black

goss 10/01/2018

Actress Blanca Blanco isn’t a big name star like Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks – but she made headlines this week when she turned up at the Oscars red carpet wearing a bright red dress.

With Hollywood donning black for a ‘Blackout protest’ for the ‘Time’s Up’ equality campaign, the actress’s bold outfit drew a lot of controversy.

People online criticised Blanca Blanco for being disrespectful and unsupportive to the movement that aims to combat 'discrimination, harassment or abuse'.

This is what Blanca found most ironic about the backlash she received.

She later explained her decision in a statement to Refinery29.

"I love red," Blanco wrote. "Wearing red does not means I am against #timesup movement. I applaud and stand by the courageous actresses that continue to brake [sic] the circle of abuse through their actions and their style choice.”

Photo credit: Getty Images

"It is one of many factors leading women to a safer place because of their status in the acting world. I am excited about the 'Time's UP' movement because true change is long overdue."

She also tweeted that there is more to talk about than her dress colour:

The American ‘Time's Up’ initiative aims to highlight the issues faced by women in the workplace and elsewhere including:

  • One in three women ages 18 to 34 have been sexually harassed at work. Seventy-one percent of those women said they did not report it.
  • Research has shown that women in male-dominated occupations, especially those in male-dominated work contexts, are sexually harassed more than women in balanced or in female-dominated ones.