Kiwis have been scammed out of $10mil in the past year alone

NZ 25/01/2018

New Zealanders have lost more than $10 million to scammers in the last year.

NetSafe has released its reported data for 2017, with the largest single loss being $480,000, and the average loss being $11,000.

But chief executive Martin Cocker says the total lost is probably millions more.

"Many people don't like to report scams. They feel embarrassed about it, or simply resign to the losses. And so that will only be a fraction of the total losses."

Mr Cocker wants better education and a review of the country's national response to scams.

"They know the Nigerian royal prince. They know those sort of traditional scams," he said.

"But many people wouldn't be aware of modern, complex scams and also therefore will be more likely to fall for them."

He's concerned New Zealanders don't understand the sophistication of modern scams.

"There are a number of agencies who work to combat scams and fraud," he said.

"It'll be good to see more coordination between those groups, which will then hopefully lead to better preventative education."