Married at First Sight Australian contestant returns for second attempt

goss 26/01/2018

Giving love at ‘first sight’ a second chance!

After failing to find love in season four of Married At First Sight Australia, one groom has put his name forward again in hopes of finding the ‘One’ in the newest season.

John Robertson’s first MAFS relationship failed with Deborah when she notoriously rejected the marriage when he realised her new husband wasn’t a ‘Polynesian man’.

He says he struggled again in the dating world after his appearance on the show, so getting a second turn with the experts was ideal.

"I thought I'd get one shot at it, and that's it," the 54-year-old business owner told The Fix. "I'm lucky enough to have another chance, and I’m very much looking forward to having another go at finding love."

And he is still looking for the same type of woman, even though his match with Deborah was less than ideal.

"I filled out the same questionnaires, so psychologically everything was the same," the father-of-two says. "And, no, I didn’t put any conditions on it… I didn't mention the word 'Polynesian'."

"All I ever was looking for was a spark and just someone down-to-earth, someone like me, some common interests, that's all."

Married at First Sight Australia returns to NZ screens 5 February on Three.