Drama on MAFS AU as contestants start texting other people's partners

goss 21/02/2018

Monday night's episode of Married At First Sight Australia was rocked by a texting scandal.

A texting scandal between two couples is never a recipe for success. Lest we forget last year's Haydn and Vicky drama oMarried At First Sight NZ.     

In this very similar, but a lot more explicit scenario, Davina Rankin took things a step too far when she texted Dean Wells behind the back of her husband, Ryan Gallagher. It followed Dean voting to leave his wife, Tracey Jewel, in the earlier commitment ceremony.

Davina said the action resulted from her and Dean both feeling the same way about their respective spouses.

"It would be very interesting if I was the type of girl Dean would be looking for... so I sent him a message to say, 'I really wouldn't mind picking your brains'," she explained. "He's obviously in the same spot I am."

She made it clear there was no 'spark' between her and Ryan, similar to how Dean felt about Tracey.

"I fully feel like I'm having an affair," she told the cameras.

In the apartment he shared with Tracey, Dean revealed he had received Davina's messages.

"Davina just texted me," he said.

"If there's anyone in the experiment that I would be into, it would be Davina. I think Davina's really hot."

He then reconsidered that statement.

"When she's really well dressed up, she looks really good," he explained. "Other times, I'm not so sure how hot she is but, yeah, she's definitely attractive.

"She's a bit wild, she's a bit crazy and she's bit more on my wavelength then Tracey."

The flirty texts were shown to the camera and the pair agreed to meet up in secret on Wednesday morning and keep it on the "DL" (down low).

As of yet, neither Tracey nor Ryan are aware of the messages, so viewers are eagerly awaiting the next dramatic turn of events.

The full Married at First Sight Australia episode can be viewed on ThreeNow.