Ellen DeGeneres surprises her studio audience by giving them $1 million dollars

goss 05/02/2018

Imagine being in this studio audience!

For the past 7 months, Ellen DeGeneres has been working with Cheerios cereal for their 'One Million Acts of Good' Campaign.

But this week, for her birthday show, she filled her audience with everyone who took part in the campaign and had made a difference.

One couple on the audience drove hundreds of miles to help deliver supplies after Hurricane Harvey, another person in the audience was a teacher who gave her kidney to student's mother plus many other deserving people.

Ellen began by saying this was "the biggest gift I've ever given anybody, ever, and I hope you continue to pay it forward and share all the good," and she definitely wasn't kidding.

The audience were told they would receive a share of $1 million dollars!

There were tears, there was cheering, there was utter disbelief. And we're sure we'd feel exactly the same!

Now, how do we get a ticket to Ellen's talk show?