Groom does not have the happiest reaction seeing his bride for the first time

Married at First Sight 05/02/2018

"Oh s***".

That's not what you want to say when you meet your bride for the first time, but it's the reaction Married at First Sight Australia groom Sean D gave seeing Jo.

Pub manager Sean D met 39-year-old mum of two Jo at the alter of Married at First Sight Australia, and it was clear Sean was having a tough time standing there.

It took only one look at Jo before he turned back and uttered the fateful words to himself, and all of the TV viewing audience to hear.

Jo told the cameras later "He seems genuine. I fancy him. This could work. My expectations have been met and then some. To infinity and beyond... Sean D and Jo sitting in a tree."

But Sean said, "Um, she's probably not what I imagined, no...There's not like a massive spark straight away, but I'm sure she's feeling the same way."

Awkward. Here's hoping things improve for the couple - at least for positive Jo's sake!

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