Kiwis stock up with 'emergency' chocolate and wine ahead of Cyclone Gita

NZ 20/02/2018

Cyclone Gita is set to hit out shores today and people are stocking up on emergency supplies. But some Kiwis have taken the heavy weather expected as a chance to treat themselves.

People have shared pics online of their supplies... Many of which include wine and chocolate!

While it may be a nice idea to have treats while you're stuck inside, it's also important to remember to have your real survival as equally prepared.

While the chocolate and wine is all in good fun, Cyclone Gita is pretty serious and we've got more info on it below...

What you need to know about Cyclone Gita:

  • Gale-force gusts, slips, flooding and coastal inundation is predicted
  • Civil Defence staff have been pre-deployed to the areas that will be worst affected
  • New Zealanders are being urged to prepare emergency evacuation plans and have a grab-bag ready
  • People have been advised not to travel during the storm, and several schools have been closed

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