MAFS AU's Dean and Davina caught blatantly cheating on camera

goss 23/02/2018

The biggest betrayal of this Married At First Sight Australia season is continuing as Dean and Davina cannot keep their hands, or mouths, off each other.

In the 12th episode, the pair enjoyed a make-out session on a couch in front of the show's cameras, but out of view of their respective spouses.

"These guys are cheating now," the show's love expert John Aiken stated.

"We're in so much trouble. We're such bad people," admitted Dean.

"Davina just gets me inside. She fires me up."

Their intimacy display came during an alcohol-fuelled dinner party.

"I'm so attracted to you. It's like a joke," Davina told Dean in between smooches.

Before the pair were all over each other on the couch, Davina shared some wisdom with Dean's wife, Tracey.

"I'm going to give you a word of advice - one woman to another woman - just look after you," Davina told her, before making out with her husband.

"I feel like Dean may not be your perfect person. Whatever he's doing right now, he's thinking about himself. It would make you look worse if he dragged this on for three weeks. You need to stop.

"I'm saying this 'cause I love and respect you."

Dean didn't talk to his wife much, but he did comment on her attractiveness to Davina after kissing and groping her.

"No offence to Tracey, but her looks are not her best quality," he said.

The full Married At First Sight Australia episode can be viewed on ThreeNow.