MAFS AU's Dean reveals he's a rapper and performs cringe worthy love song

goss 27/02/2018

In the latest episode of Married At First Sight Australia, a 40-year-old Australian man rapped a song to his wife to apologise for cheating on her.

It's being labelled "painfully shit" and "the most cringey" moment on the show so far.

Dean delivered the rap to his wife Tracey, after coming clean about his affair with one of the shows other newlyweds, Davina.

He wore a cap for the performance and gesticulated energetically with his hands, in a manner he's probably seen in the music videos of more successful rappers.

"Hey yo Tracey, my little lady, you drive me crazy," his song began.

"After last week on the couch, yo, I know you probably hate me. But you gave me a shot, you're so hot. Plus your brain is next level - come on, show me what you got."

His musical efforts didn't go down well with many.

"Just when you thought Dean couldn't be any more of a douche, he busts out a painfully shit rap," Australian journalist Jill Stark commented on Twitter.

She added that it he appeared like 'a poor man's David Brent'.

Just when you thought Dean couldn’t be anymore of a douche he busts out a painfully shit rap like a poor man’s David Brent.

Several other Twitter users took to the social media platform to mock Dean's attempt at hip-hop, with some suggesting it was even worse than cheating on his wife.

The full Married At First Sight Australia episode can be viewed on ThreeNow.