Married at First Sight NZ's Brett & Angel add a new member to their family

goss 05/02/2018

The only surviving couple from New Zealand's Married at First Sight have welcomed a new member into their family.

Brett Renall and Angel Star-Heron are now the proud new owners of Cashew, a little adorable French Bulldog.

The pair showed off their dog in a professional photoshoot shared to their Instagram accounts.

"Insta meet Cashew," Brett wrote on his Instagram. "These 2 girls are perfect in every way!"

"We can finally share with you our secret we have been keeping since November. The most perfect addition to our wee Renall clan. It was love at first sight take two," shared Angel.

Angel had talked about her hopes for a French Bulldog ever since the TV series when they were arranging Angel's move to Brett's home of Lincoln.

The couple, who jokingly called themselves A & B, have now renamed themselves as Team A, B & C.