'The Chaser' criticised over harsh put down to contestant

goss 21/03/2018

Gameshow The Chase's Mark Labbett is known for his stinging insults - but this time, shocked viewers think he may have gone too far by calling a contestant "dead weight".

The Chaser was about to face the woman, known only as Faye, when he gave some advice to her teammate, Joseph.

"If I was Joseph I'd be wanting [Faye] to fail.

"Because [Joseph] is just young enough and fast enough to give me a game on his own, whereas [Faye] is just dead weight."

"Oh thanks," the contestant replied.

The put down came after an underwhelming performance from Faye in the first round where she answered only two questions correctly.

Twitter users hit the web to voice their shock.

"Beastie Boy not holding back," one user said, adding: "He's not wrong though."

"Wow, won't be attending the @MarkLabbett school of flattery," another said.

Despite his remark - or perhaps because of it - Faye went on to beat Labbett in a head-to-head round, making it into the final.

But he still wasn't impressed.

"Sometimes a blind squirrel catches a nut," he quipped.

Faye and her two team members lost out on the win, heading home empty handed.