Last Married at First Sight AU couple standing announce split

goss 29/03/2018

The last couple remaining after Married at First Sight Australia have announced their separation.

Melissa and John were the only pair who'd chosen to stay together after the show, but said once the cameras were gone they realised they were just too different.

"We have spoken at length about how to make it work and have been spending time with each other to let our relationship unfold but both agree it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere," the pair said in separate Instagram posts.

Out of the 11 other couples on the show, Melissa and John were one of only three who decided to stay together at the end of the series.

The other two pairs, Charlene and Patrick and Sarah and Telv, also separated once the cameras stopped rolling.

While they're no longer still together, many of the couples appear to have swapped partners - including jilted bride Ashley and her new partner Justin.

Ashley was paired with Troy on the show, but the pair split at the finale and he moved onto dating Justin's bride Carly.

The rumours of Ashley and Justin dating began when the pair was photographed at a restaurant together on March 23.

Later when pressed he confirmed they had been hooking up for "a few weeks".