MAFS AU Dean claims to be a feminist in heated confrontation

goss 15/03/2018

While the men on Married At First Sight Australia may have believed what happens at boy's night stays at boy's night, they were proved wrong at the explosive dinner party on last night's episode.  

During Tuesday night's episode, Dean, who has already cheated on his wife Tracey with Davina, confessed he fancied a third woman - Justin's wife Carly. "Judging solely on looks, I don't know her that well as a person," he added.

Later, during conversation over 'wife-swapping', he pleaded with the others, "what about Tracey, guys, she's hot! Come on, someone just say they want to bang Tracey!"

After her husband Patrick recounted the evening's events, a furious Charlene wasted no time in confronting Dean about his "vile" comments during Wednesday night's dinner party.

"Should we talk about the boring boys' dinner party?" she asked the table, leading to an anxious pause form many of the men, including Dean. 

"I'm a woman, and speaking on behalf of women, I wouldn't be comfortable if someone was offering my wife to the rest of the men at the table." 

All hell broke loose, including a fiery fight between Charlene and Dean. 

"You did offer Tracey up and then you were disappointed with the result. You were disappointed that no-one wanted Tracey," Charlene threw at Dean. 

"That's disgusting," Dean spat back across the table. "It was a JOKE, God damn it." 

As everyone struggled to get their heads around the accurate turn of events, Dean commiserated that "once again, I'm the bad guy". 

"Why do you think you are?" Charlene told the cameras. "Because when you're bad, bad things happen!"

"It's always poor Dean, isn't it?" she told him, going on to call his comments "vile". 

Dean claimed he was only attempting to defend his wife's honour, after none of the other men vocalised they wanted to "bang" her. 

"You don't talk about women like that!" an angry Charlene responded.

"You don't talk about men like that!" he replied, with possibly the worst defence possible.  He declared himself a "feminist" and said he was "all about gender equality".

"I've been a feminist my whole life," he told Charlene. "But also, I'm a man. I don't apologise for being a man."

The dinner party descended into chaos, with Troy's high-pitched, nervous laugh in the background providing the soundtrack. 

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