'Roseanne' star seeks treatment for her "battles"

goss 13/04/2018

One of the main cast members of the new 'Roseanne' TV revival has revealed she's taking time out of the spotlight to deal with some unspecified issues.

Actress Emma Kenney, who plays Roseanne's granddaughter Harris on the show, released a statement that she was addressing her battles.

“I’m going to work through it. I’m going to get help and make better choices," the 18-year-old said.

“I was running with a really fast crowd. I was being naive and very immature, and I was doing things I should not be doing because it was illegal and I’m not 21."

“It wasn’t healthy, and it was making me feel even worse — anxious and depressed. It was just a slippery slope that I did not want to go down. And I knew that I needed to stop it.” 

Sara Gilbert (Roseanne's Darlene) and Emma Kenney (Harris). Photo credit: Getty Images

“I want to be the healthiest, best Emma that I can be, and I know that by going to treatment that’s what’s going to happen, and I’m going to continue on that positive road,” she continued.

“I just want to send a message to my fans saying that it’s OK to admit that you need help, and it doesn’t make you weak. I’m going to come out on the other side, the True Emma that I’ve always been.”

The actress has been on other big TV shows in the past, including eight seasons of 'Shameless'. She's still expected to return for the second season of 'Roseanne'.