Daniel Radcliffe spotted in New Zealand in preparation for new film

goss 20/04/2018

Daniel Radcliffe has been photographed working out at a gym in Auckland, where he is believed to be in preparation for upcoming action film Guns Akimbo.

The Harry Potter star was spotted at the gym by comedienne Louise Beuvink, who proudly claimed on Twitter she locked eyes with him "mid-squat".

Radcliffe posed for a photo with trainer Tobi Englert, who posted it on Instagram with a series of hashtags including #livelife, #live and #life.

Guns Akimbo is the second feature film from writer/director Jason Lee Howden, following on from his hit 2015 metal horror comedy Deathgasm.

The filmmaker told Flicks.co.nz that Guns Akimbo will be an over-the-top action comedy.

"John Wick is sort of the high watermark for us. It's like, 'How many bullets can we get on screen? How many people got shot in John Wick?' Yeah, they've set the bar there for us... but it's something we're looking to try and beat, hopefully," he told Flicks.

"I've always endeavoured to work on things that are a bit more ambitious, a bit more stylised I guess. And, yeah, Guns Akimbo definitely fits that bill. It's definitely not a film to be taken seriously."

Howden took to Twitter on Thursday to announce Guns Akimbo moves into production next week.