Kiwis wake up to massive storm damage across the country

NZ 11/04/2018

It has been a terrifying start to Wednesday for Aucklanders as the massive storm pummels the region.

Winds speeds of more than 120km/h slammed the supercity overnight. The biggest gust of 213km/h was recorded at Manukau Heads.

Multiple homes have been severely damaged by fallen trees while collapsed power lines caused spectacular light shows across Auckland.

Winds will be easing in Auckland later on Wednesday morning but MetService is still warning of strong gusts.

Lead forecaster Michael Martens says there will also be continuous showers throughout the day "which could be thundery again especially from the afternoon".

"And if the very cold air is starting to move over the north of the North Island we can expect some hail in the afternoon and evening," he says.

What you need to know:

  • Auckland is experiencing extremely strong winds
  • At lease one report of people trapped in cars or houses in Auckland
  • Vector working round the clock to restore power
  • Flights in and out of Auckland Airport delayed or turned away


Photo credit: More FM