Magician David Copperfield is forced to reveal the secret of his signature trick

goss 25/04/2018

One of the world's best known magicians has had the secret to one of his tricks exposed.

David Copperfield is being sued by a member of the audience, who claims he was injured when the trick went wrong, CBS News reports.

His signature illusion is a minute and a half long trick called "13", during which members of the live audience disappear.

British tourist Gavin Cox says he suffered brain, spine and shoulder injuries during the trick in November 2013 and now faces medical bills of over US$1.3 million ($NZ1.8 million).

According to Mr Cox's lawyer, once the curtains fall on the participant during the trick, stagehands swoop in and lead them by flashlight through backstage passageways out of the building to reappear at the back of the room.

Mr Cox says he slipped and fell during this process, sustaining his injuries in the fall.

Since he's come forward, two other participants have claimed they were injured while rushing through the passageways in the act.

One of them is said to have required multiple surgeries on her arm. Both women will be testifying in the lawsuit.

Copperfield has since ceased performing the trick in front of audiences, but his lawyers say 55,000 people have participated in it throughout the years and have come out uninjured.

He told the court he would check the route himself before every show.