Mum's super simple K Mart life hack goes viral

omg 10/04/2018

An Australian Mum's K Mart life hack has gone viral online.

The mum (Megsie Vincent) revealed her hack on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group where it was met with a warm reaction.

“So this isn’t Pinterest pretty or anything but it is so helpful and easy so I wanted to share,” she wrote in the Facebook group. 

“This is a laundry bag from Kmart (1 in a 3 pack) [which costs $6] and I’ve attached it with velcro dots so that I can rip it off and chuck it in the wash.”

Photo credit: Facebook | Megsie Vincent

Some were already familiar with her hack, but other were thankful for the heads up. 

So if you're sick of fishing around for socks in the washer or drier, this super easy and cheap hack might just help!

You can buy the bags online from K Mart NZ here.

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