Pink laughs and makes up lyrics after forgetting the words to her own song

goss 07/04/2018

'Who Knew' the lyrics? Not Pink!

The singer, currently on her Beautiful Trauma World Tour through America, was performing at New York's Madison Square Garden when she launched into her 2006 hit song 'Who Knew'.

It was during the second verse that she realised she lost her place.

"I forgot the words. S***!" P!nk said into the microphone, laughing.

"Does anyone else know it?" she told the crowd.

"Uh huh... that's right... no?" she sung along.

By the time she got to the end of the verse, she decided that she didn't need the second verse anyway!

"No more second verse!" she yelled at the crowd, before getting back into the chorus.

We love you and your fun mistakes Pink!