Troy and Carly from Married at First Sight Au expecting first baby

goss 17/04/2018

Troy and Carly of Married At First Sight Australia are reportedly expecting a baby girl together.

The couple, who were not paired with each other in the show but dumped their respective partners to be together, have been spotted buying pink baby clothes in Melbourne, according to NW.

"Troy was running around the store shouting about how he can't wait to become a dad," NW reports being told by a witness.

"He kept saying how lucky he feels, and couldn't keep his hands off Carly."

Troy - who became infamous on the reality TV show for maniacal teeth brushing, random push-ups and other odd behaviour - has made no secret of his desire to have children.

"Six little rascals running around would be so much fun. I've got twins in my family - maybe I can get a couple of sets of triplets," he told Woman's Day.

Carly added: "I want to have a few - so I need to get cracking on that one!"

Troy recently posted a photo on Instagram of he and Carly holding a baby, captioning it: "Getting some practice in".

The couple moved in together last month.

Married At First Sight Australia can be viewed on ThreeNow.