'Disgusting' dashcam footage shows the dangerous driving happening on kiwi roads

goss 22/05/2018

Damning dashcam video has caught some of the worst drivers in the country risking other people's lives in horrendous displays of bad driving.

The film was put together from a camera on a truck, and shows the callous risks Kiwis are taking to get to their destination a few minutes early.

The perilous driving was posted to Facebook and has quickly racked up over 100,000 views by horrified New Zealanders.

The frightening footage shows foolhardy overtakes across double-yellow lines as brazen motorists barrel across the road.

Near accidents include head-on horror smashes narrowly averted by the professional driver's defensive driving skills, while other vehicles are run off the road in their efforts to escape.

The video has shocked Kiwis, who slam the ignorant risk-taking shown by the dangerous drivers.

"This is disgusting! Not only did they put their own life at risk (which they choose) but they also put the truck and other oncoming drivers as well!" one person says.

"People are so selfish all to gain an extra 5min! Well they'll get that back when they get killed or end up in jail for killing someone!"

'Driver licence not a licence to be an idiot' - police

National road policing manager Superintendent Steve Greally says drivers need to be sensible behind the wheel.

"They're such basic mistakes that some people are making," he told Newshub in January.

"Each time you get in the car, just stop - even just for a couple of seconds - and think to yourself, 'I'm going to make sure I'm as safe as I can possibly be'.

"'I'm not going to drive drunk. I am going to put my belt on. My kids will have their belts on. We won't be speeding. We're not going to take unnecessary risks'."

He warns drivers need to be careful and aware, as it's completely innocent parties who often pay the ultimate price.

"I don't know what it means to some people when you get your driver licence, but it's certainly not a licence to be an idiot on our roads," he says.