How to lose weight sitting down according to David Beckham's personal trainer

we love 17/05/2018

We spend a huge amount of time sitting down, even more if you have an office job - but David Beckham's personal trainer, Shona Vertue, has some tips for how you can shed some weight while sitting down!

She calls it 'desk yoga' and it only takes 5 minutes. She recommends doing it once an hour for maximum effect.

  1. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. 3 seconds to inhale, 3 seconds to exhale.
  2. Keeping your eyes closed take your head to the left, keep your chest lifted, allow the opposite shoulder to pull away from you. Repeat on your right.
  3. Interlace the fingers behind the head, begin to lift your sternum towards the sky.
  4. Place the right hand on the outside of the left leg for a seated side stretch. Raise the left arm, turn your head towards your armpit and lean to the right. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Take a seated twist to the left and right. Be careful to keep your chest lifted as you do this.

  6. Yawn. It’s really good for you. It helps the brain to reset.
  7. Interlace your fingers and stretch them upward towards the sky.
  8. Roll your ankles and wiggle your toes, it helps boost energy.

You can read her full step by step 'desk yoga' routine over on her website.