Jessica Simpson criticised for 'inappropriate' picture of her daughter

goss 04/05/2018

A seemingly innocent picture Jessica Simpson posted of her daughter has started a heated debate online.

The picture was posted for Jessica's daughter's birthday. It features her daughter Maxi-Drew posing with balloons in the background...

"Stop. She's not even a teen yet" one person said, "She is so cute, don't make her grow up so fast! You're going to miss these times."

"Stop teaching young girls to pose, she is a child," added another.

"Why make ur baby pose like that?? She's not even a teenager yet!" said an upset fan.

But others came to the star's defence...

"The people complaining about her being 'forced to pose' like that are ridiculous. My cousin is 7 and she loves posing all different ways for photos to feel like a model. Get a life people. You judge celebrities for anything they do."

"I posed like that when I was 3 and that was in 1981. It is called having sass. Get over it."

Do you think the photo is out of line or completely fine?