Kiwis can expect a warmer winter than usual say experts

goss 16/05/2018

A NIWA forecaster is describing New Zealand's winter this year as "a great marriage but not without its fights".

Chris Brandolino told Newshub while we should expect the occasional cold snap, we're not facing a harsh winter.

He said the upper North Island will have a warmer than average winter while the rest of the country maintains average winter temperatures. 

This week, thanks to some low hanging air pressure, northern parts of the country have experienced unseasonably warm weather.

NIWA centres in Albany and MOTAT in Auckland have recorded record-breaking warm temperatures.

The pressure is currently moving north-westerly winds over the North Island.

However its due to move across the country, with winds changing to a south-westerly and bringing cold weather to the South Island over the next couple of days.

In the short term in the next day or two temperatures will remain above average.