MAFS AU Dean leaks drunk texts from Tracey saying she wants him back

goss 18/05/2018

Dean Wells of Married At First Sight Australia has revealed text messages from his ex-wife she explicitly asked him to keep private.

Tracey Jewel dumped her husband at the end of the show's 2018 season, following his on-camera cheating with Davina Rankin.

In the private messages leaked by Dean, a drunk Tracey - who recently split from another boyfriend - asks if it's "too late" to save their marriage.

Although he promised to "never show anyone" the messages, Dean appears to have sold them to the Daily Mail.

The full transcript of the messages is as follows:

Tracey: Can I text you something you promise never to show anyone because I'm drunk

Dean: Ha ok sure

Tracey: You really got under my skin the last few days

Dean: Awww oh well. Too bad u broke up with me at the final vows

Tracey: Is it too late?

Tracey: I'm only going to ask once

Dean: Tracey... u know that boat has sailed babe

Dean: I wanna be friends and I care about u a lot but that boat has sailed babe

Tracey: Yep I'm drunk

Tracey: Please keep this between us

Tracey: Promise?

Following the publication of her private messages online, Tracey took to Instagram with an inspiring message about sitting up strong "against hatred and lies".

Meanwhile, Married At First Sight New Zealand is accepting applications for Kiwi singles who want to be wed to a stranger in 2018.