MAFS AU Ryan was kicked off show after wild 'boys night out' with Telv

goss 23/05/2018

Ryan Gallagher from Married At First Sight Australia has confessed he was asked to leave after participating in some after-hours activities with co-star Telv Williams.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Ryan said he got into major trouble with the show's producers when they discovered the two men had shared a bed together.

"I broke curfew with Telv. We got home at 9am," said Ryan.

"I went back to the unit and I slept in the same bed as him and I was not meant to be there."

While it appears the sleepover was of a platonic nature, the incident sent Telv's newlywed wife Sarah Roza into a tail-spin.

According to Ryan, she didn't know who was staying over.

"She rang the producers crying saying, 'I think he has another girl in the room'," said Ryan.

At the time, Ryan had already left the show, following a failed and very rocky relationship with his partner - the notorious Davina Rankin, who had an affair with co-star Tracey Jewel's husband Dean Wells.

Because he was no longer participating in the experiment, the producers ordered Ryan to get out, immediately.

Since the show ended, Ryan has been attempting a career in stand-up comedy, advertising his shows with the hash tag #Ryansgettingsued.