Married at First Sight AU's Carly speaks out against the rumours about her and Troy

goss 31/05/2018

Carly Bowyer has taken to Instagram to assure fans she hasn't broken up with her Married at First Sight Australia co-star Troy Delmege.

She also informed followers that she'd taken Troy's virginity.

The pair was not wed as part of the reality TV show, but dumped their respective spouses to be together and have been in several gossip headlines since.

Recently, they faced allegations of the relationship falling apart - but Carly has shut those down.

"The rumour mill has been in full swing so I thought it was about time to set the record straight - Troy and I are not breaking up!" she said on Instagram.

"Sure, we can drive each other crazy and we do fight but we're totally in love (and Troy is no longer a virgin)."

Carly went on to reference some of Troy's more eccentric characteristics, which were revealed on Married at First Sight and widely mocked on social media.

She also suggested they have an announcement planned about their future together.

"We are in this for the long haul and are excited about planning for our future (to be confirmed)... I mean, I've seen him brush his teeth, eaten his cooking and witnessed his dance moves and we're still together. So it must be love."

Meanwhile, New Zealand singles interested in taking part in the social experiment can sign up for the upcoming 2018 season of Married at First Sight NZ  on ThreeNow.