Matt Damon caught shopping at KMart on trip to Australia

goss 10/05/2018

Hollywood actor Matt Damon has been spotted doing a quick shop in a Kmart store in New South Wales, Australia.

Krystle McIntosh and her daughter Taylah bumped into the Bourne Identity star while he had a couple of stuffed toy animals in-hand.

A picture of the meeting was posted on Instagram, with the caption: "Kmart is where you get the best Matt Damons from."

When he's not wandering the aisles at the much-loved department store, Damon has been living the Aussie dream since spending Easter with Chris Hemsworth's family in Byron Bay.

In March, a spokeswoman for the actor denied he was moving to Australia, stating: "He's not moving out of the US."

Damon was rumoured to be buying a property next to his mate Hemsworth because he disliked living in Donald Trump's America.