Peter Andre branded irresponsible for sharing pic of his kids with loads of lollies

goss 02/05/2018

'Mysterious Girl' singer Peter Andre has landed himself in hot water after sharing a photo of a large pile of lollies his fans had sent in for his children.

"Massive thank you to the lovely fans that buy my children so many gifts when I do an ‘evening with’. You’re all so kind and I love you lots." the star wrote on his Instagram.

But what Pete saw as an innocent photo, some of his followers deemed it as pretty inappropriate.

"You can’t feed your children all that sugar" one person wrote.

"I wouldn’t give my children anything from strangers as you can’t be sure it hasn’t been tampered with. There are some strange people out there." someone else argued.

But while many people were quick to put Peter down, others stuck up for him.

"He has 4 children, I’m sure he knows when and how much sweets to give them… Some people are to quick to judge others these days!"

What do you think, is it irresponsible for Peter to let his kids have the lollies?

Source: GoodToKnow