Pink's husband shuts down 'parenting police' during family holiday

goss 10/05/2018

Pink was recently on holiday with her husband Carey and their 2 kids Willow, 6, and Jameson, 1.

The family were spending their time at Fort Lauderdale in Florida, a city known for its beaches. Carey shared a photo on his Instagram of him riding a jetski holding Jameson in his arms.

"Short ride since he was getting splashed and not to stoked. Don’t worry parent police, he is safe and I put him right back in his bubble when we were done." he wrote.

Fans of the family were quick to assure the family they needen't worry about about anything...

"Jameson is just having a good time with his dad. People always have to criticize. Look how happy that little guy looks! You go Jameson!" wrote one person

"You are a great parent, make memories, live life, they grow so quick. Ignore haters," added another.

We're pleased the family managed to block out negativity and enjoy some time together!