Rebel Wilson defends her "photoshop" appearance on Vogue cover

goss 25/05/2018

Normally people are catching out people photoshopping stars and celebrities on magazine covers. But Rebel Wilson has had to defend that she's not photoshopped at all!

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress had to speak out against her critics after some said her appearance on Vogue Magazine looked like they had digitally altered her to look "slimmed down".

In actual fact, she has slimmed a bit - the natural way!

The star posted the raw photos vs the ones in the Vogue magazine, proving that her slimmed down figure is real.

"I just ate healthy and exercised for the month before the shoot," she spoke out on Twitter. "But then immediately after ate brownies!"

"So please don’t carry on that these shots are heavily photoshopped because they’re not!"

Rebel celebrated her cover photo, saying it was never something she thought would happen to her.

"This was such an amazing experience, thank you Vogue Australia and to all the designers and stylists who worked on this shoot!"