Sam Hayes gets emotional over fears of embarrassment on DWTS

goss 07/05/2018

Sam Hayes and her partner Aaron grooved to Sia's 'Cheap Thrills' as part of the week's Top 40 theme, the bouncing Latin dance a far cry from last week's languid foxtrot.

Judge Julz Tocker praised Hayes for battling through what had been a tough week for her in rehearsals.

"You handled it like a pro," he said.

For a lot of viewers, the routine would have revealed a completely new side of the newsreader - who admitted the week has pushed her significantly out of her comfort zone.

"It's really fun when you get the steps together… but getting to that point is blood, sweat and tears," she revealed in an emotional interview played before she danced.

And the show-stopping cartwheel would have taken a lot of courage as well. Speaking to the judges after the dance, Hayes revealed she had previously fractured her arm while attempting a cartwheel only a few years ago.

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