Whittaker's reveal delicious looking caramel flavoured chocolate

goss 10/05/2018

Celebrate chocolate lovers, because Whittaker's have just revealed 2 new delicious looking flavours.

The chocolate company today announced they will be adding 'Creamy Caramel' and 'Dark Salted Caramel' to their chocolate family.

The chocolatiers said it took them 59 attempts to get the perfect blend of caramel.

"We’re so excited with the result that we’ve included this buttery new caramel filling in two new blocks." the company said in an email out to their fans. 

"The first is our Creamy Caramel. It is even more ‘melt in the mouth’."

"We haven’t forgotten you Dark Chocolate Lovers. We’ve also added a hint of salt to our caramel filling and encased it in our divine 62% dark chocolate."

Who would love to get their hands on this?