Fran Drescher confirms she's in talks to bring 'The Nanny' back

goss 21/06/2018

'The Nanny' was one of the most popular TV shows of 90s and late last year rumours were swirling of a reboot.

At the time, star and co creator of the show Fran Drescher said she would only be interested in a reboot if everyone else on the team was... Well it seems her dreams are close to happeneing!

When asked by Entertainment Tonight if there was an update on a possible reboot - Fran replied "we're talking about it".

"We're working on a very big project. It's going to be very exciting for the fans, but I'm not at liberty to announce it yet. But it's gonna be big."

She was then asked what she thinks her character, Fran Fine, would be doing 20 years sincce the final episoded aired.

“She would've maybe gotten involved in more things [that] Fran Drescher is involved with."

"All kinds of things from environmental issues, to health, to civil liberties, that's what I think Fran would be doing now - opening her big Queens mouth for the greater good."

It sounds like plans are well and truly getting put in place, so fingers crossed we see this on our screen soon!

Source: Hit