People are calling this the worst version of the NZ national anthem ever

goss 25/06/2018

Was this the worst version of the New Zealand national anthem ever?

The Americans have done their best to make the young NZ Kiwis feel right at home in Denver, as they prepared for their rugby league test against England at altitude.

The locals loved the 'Big Hits, No Pads' theme of the occasion and embraced the 'Mile High War Cry' - the Kiwis haka - as their own.

But all that turned sour as the teams lined up for the national anthems.

After a passable version of 'God Save the Queen', the resident vocalist completely lost her way through 'God Defend New Zealand'.

The mismatch of music and lyrics seemed to confuse the Kiwis players, who responded by singing louder themselves.

Of course, the anthem was almost forgotten, once they uncorked the 'Te Iwi Kiwi' haka for an enthralled American audience.