Unseen Prince Charles photo proves how similar son Prince Harry is

goss 06/06/2018

Royal fans have been taken back to discover that Prince Harry is the spitting image of his father Prince Charles 45 years ago.

A previously unseen photo shows Prince Charles horse riding in the early 1970s. It is one of 4000 photographs of the royal family that have recently been unearthed.

Despite rumours over the years, while rocking a beard at his wedding last month, Prince Harry looks almost exactly the same as Prince Charles in the picture.

One fan posted to Twitter, "To all the people who claim Prince Charles isn't really Harry's father, just look at this photo of a young, bearded, twenty something Chaz halfway down the page".

Another said, "OMG I can finally believe Harry is Prince Charles son."

The picture is one of the 4000 photos taken by royal photographer John Scott, who was given unprecedented access to the royal family from the 1950s to the 1980s, Metro reports.

The archive of photos is set to sell for around $19,000 later this month.