The simple Netflix hacks that will make watching easier

goss 08/06/2018

A secret list of keyboard shortcuts will change the way you Netflix and chill.

The life hacks, published on the Netflix website, can save you from using your mouse completely.

Normally, if you want to fast-forward through a movie or TV show, you have to tap the screen and drag the time-bar.

However now you can use your computer button's to stop, start, replay, rewind and move between scenes. 

Netflix has also redesigned its controls for the mobile app as well, The Sun reports. 

Netflix's secret keyboard life hacks:

Left Arrow - Rewind 10 seconds

Right Arrow - Fast-forward 10 seconds

Up arrow - Volume up

Down arrow - Volume down

M - Mute

Shift-Alt-Left Click - Adjust the streaming bitrate to improve or reduce quality of the video

Spacebar - Start play / pause

Enter - Start play / pause

F - Full screen mode

Esc - Exit full screen mode