3 year old Princess Charlotte's sassy response to the paparazzi goes viral

goss 11/07/2018

The royal family recently gathered for the christening of Kate Middleton & Prince William's third child Prince Louis.

Once the ceremony was complete, Kate, William and their 3 kids left the building together. As they left they walked past rows of paparazzi who began taking photos of the family.

Most of the family waved and smiled for the pics, but Princess Charlotte whipped out a quick response to the paparazzi as the family moved on... "You're not coming." she told them.

The sassy remark was caught on camera and you can see it in the video below. It happens around 11 seconds into the video, but due to the background noise it can be tricky to hear- so you might need to turn the volume right up!

It's pretty clear that even at this young age, Princess Charlotte is getting some tips for how to deal with the media.

Source: Insider