Air New Zealand warn against new online scam offering cheap flights

goss 05/07/2018

If you've seen an offer from Air New Zealand online recently that seems too good to be true, it probably is!

The airline has taken to their Facebook page to warn against a new scam doing the rounds on Facebook. The scam claims to be selling flights around the world for as little as $1 - which the airline says is completely fake.

"This message is not from Air New Zealand and we advise anyone who receives this, not to engage." the company wrote on their Facebook page.

They also shared an image of what the scam looks like, so you know what to be wary of online...

If you're ever unsure if something is a scam or not, check the offer with the official company first to save yourself any unneeded stress. have some great advice for spotting a scammer and how to deal with one if you think you've been had.

"Scams usually start when someone makes unexpected contact with you. This could be in person or by phone, letter or email." their website says.

"In exchange for money or private information, they may:

  • make you an attractive offer, eg connections to angel investors if you pay an upfront finder’s fee
  • say you urgently need important products/services, eg critical software updates 
  • pretend to be someone they’re not, eg your bank."

If you ever think you've been scammed should stop contact with the scammer, call your bank if you've made a transaction and report the scam to the authorities.