Farmer captures the most 'kiwi as' moment as sheep casually rides in front seat

NZ 13/07/2018

A New Zealand farmer's photo of his sheep hitching a ride in the front seat could be the most Kiwi thing you'll ever see. 

Josh Jackson says he was trying to herd a sheep on his Taupō farm when he took the photo in 2016. He didn't want his woolly friend getting scared off by his dogs, so he decided to let it ride shotgun in his Polaris Ranger. 

The image shows a rather smug looking sheep perched in the front seat of Mr Jackson's farm vehicle along with two dogs in the back - one curiously eyeing the lucky sheep in front. 

"I thought I'd give her a ride on [my] bike so I didn't have to tie her up and have the dogs stand on her in the back and she sat there very happily and didn't kick or moan at all," Mr Jackson told Newshub. 

"It was on a farm in Taupō... and it was a long way for her to walk to sheep yards so I gave her a ride."

Even though the image was taken in 2016, it has gained fresh attention after Mr Jackson submitted it for a photo competition to win a brand new Ranger XP 1000 HD EPS LE worth over $33,000. The winner will be announced next Monday. 

Judges of the competition say they're looking for "authentic, inspiring and unique experiences," adding they are "keen to see an entrant's enthusiasm and excitement for the Ranger brand". 

Some of the other entries of the competition show images of cows, dogs and pigs taking a ride in Ranger vehicles. One of the other entrant's images shows a sheep with a seatbelt on and a beer on its lap. The caption reads, "Co-pilot, not sure who had more fund in the ranger". 

The competition was created to mark 20 years of Polaris Ranger and 1 million of the Rangers sold, the company said.

You can view the other entries here