Kiwi couple kicked out of Northland Airbnb for going naked in the spa

NZ 05/07/2018

A Northland Airbnb visit has gone horribly wrong for a young couple after they were caught frolicking naked in a spa pool.

Lauren Eve says she and her partner were kicked out of their lodge in Paihia after their hosts discovered them in the nip. But she's defended her actions, saying there was nothing in the rules forbidding nudity.

"It is clear to us that the hosts used a few minutes violation of the spa pool timing rule (that we only got informed about after we had paid) to kick us out because they had a problem with us being nude in a private area we had booked and paid for," she told Stuff.

"One of them then followed us around screaming about how it's disgusting and what if they found a pube etcetera for an hour while we packed up."

She complains her hosts were "super rude" and "obviously really angered and confronted by us being our natural selves" - and argues pool nudity is actually more hygienic than wearing togs.

"Togs carry a range of different bacteria into that kind of facility on top of what people bring in with their bodies," she told Stuff.

"A slither of fabric protects nothing. The issue is not one of hygiene. How do they think people shower? Do they expect couples to remain clothed in the bed?"

She then posted a picture of her partner enjoying New Zealand's beaches in his natural state.

"Taken after being unceremoniously kicked out of our Airbnb for being nekkid in the private spa pool - I present you with round two of naked South African man: beach edition," she wrote.