Meghan Markle's dad reportedly fears he'll never see his daughter again

goss 06/07/2018

It's no secret that Meghan Markle's relationship with her father has been strained, but recent reports suggest that Meghan's dad fears he may never see her again.

The Mirror reports that Meghan's father Thomas told friends "I haven’t talked with Meghan and Harry in a long time." 

Meghan's dad missed her wedding due to health issues, but it is understood the family was fractured well before that.

"I don't know if she'll visit. I told her not to come and visit when I was in hospital." Thomas added.

"I think that relationship is lost now." he concluded.

They also reported that despite tensions, Thomas's son Tom Jr seems to be making an effort to keep in touch with his father.

"He is not flush with money, but he wanted to meet up. It is strange though why Meghan has not been to see her father when he has been so ill."

"His eldest daughter, Samantha, finds it difficult to travel as she uses a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis, but nothing is stopping Meghan."

Source: Pretty52