Adele shares honest message about the emotional struggles of parenting

goss 15/08/2018

Being a new parent can be tough. Adele knows this well and recently shared a link to a honest blog post written by one of her best friends.

"This is my best friend," Adele began.

"We have been friends for more of our lives than we haven't. She had my beautiful god-son 6 months ago and it was the biggest challenge of her life in more ways than one."

"She has written the most intimate, witty, heartbreaking and articulate piece about her experience of becoming a new mum and being diagnosed with postpartum psychosis."

The friend that Adele is talking about is English author Lauren Dockrill. In the blog post, she opens up about some of her darkest moments in the early days of her son's birth.

"I’ll just put it bluntly- I was suicidal," she wrote. "I thought I was going to hurt myself in some horrendous way."

"And then I would be hit with extreme lows where I felt like the world was caving in. I went from wanting to do everything for my little boy to completely ignoring his cries."

"You have to talk," she added.

"Birth and motherhood is a shock to the system and traumatic and we shouldn’t have to suffer in silence."

"Mental health is no joke, I had a peep into another world and let me tell you it was a scary place."

"It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s a chemical imbalance, an avalanche of hormones and it is NOT your fault."

It was a pretty brave thing for Adele's friend to open up about, no doubt her story would have helped countless others in similar situations.

Adele finished off with a plea to mums. "Talk about how you're feeling because in some cases it could save yours or someone else's life."