Amanda Seyfried says 'Mamma Mia 3' could be happening very soon

goss 13/08/2018

The movie musical Mamma Mia has captivated audiences for years, and with the sequel to the smash hit film now in cinemas love for the movie series that features the songs of ABBA is at an all time high.

Amanda Seyfried starred in both the first and second film and has recently added fuel to the rumours she may also be the star of a third installment!

Speaking to RadioTimes, Amanda was asked if there was potential for another movie, to which she replied "Oh yeah! Beyond yes."

Lily James who joined the franchise for the latest film also said there could be room for a third film. "We laughed that it could be Mamma Mia! The DNA Test. You finally find out who the dad is." she said.

They weren't the only stars to say they were keen for it either, Christine Baranski said she was "ready for the next sequel because it's just so much fun to do," and Pierce Brosnan said they better "make it soon" as Seyfried has a tendency to change her mind.

Fingers crossed Amanda doesn't change her mind on this one and we see a third film sometime soon!

Source: Pretty52