Concert ticket resellers Viagogo to be sued by Commerce Commission

goss 15/08/2018

The Commerce Commission is set to sue ticket resale website Viagogo.

The Switzerland-based company is a legitimate ticket selling site but is also a favourite for scammers to sell fake concert tickets. A number of people having fallen victim to the scams over the years.

The Commission says Viagogo made false or misleading representations that it was an "official" seller.

It also allegedly misled customers about the price of tickets, that tickets were limited or about to sell out and that they would receive valid tickets to events.

"We acknowledge that this has been a longstanding investigation, and in large measure that is because of the complexity of pursuing a case against an online trader based offshore. We are pleased to have progressed matters to the point where we are now able to launch proceedings," the Commission's Head of Consumer Stuart Wallace said.

The Commission says Viagogo breached the Fair Trading Act and is seeking an injunction be put in place restraining the website from further breaches.

It is also seeking corrective advertising orders against the website.

The Commerce Commission now joins a group of international enforcement agencies that are bringing similar cases against Viagogo.

The website faces court or enforcement action in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, the UK and Australia.