People are losing it over Gordon Ramsey's new 'ripped' body

goss 06/08/2018

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has been on a bit of a health buzz recently and it seems his efforts have been paying off!

The chef has lost 22kgs over the past year and is sporting a muscley new look, which he recently showed off on his Instagram page.

"Serious shape chef! Look younger now than you did back in the 90s." one person wrote.

"Check out the gun show! No Dad bod in sight." added another

Another user wrote that there was "No stopping this machine in anything he puts his mind to I reckon!"

While there was a lot of love for Gordon's new look, there were a few haters who tried to bring him down. But the chef's fans were quick to stick up for him...

"Some of you didn't even looked like this in your 20's and he's twice your age!" one person fired back.

Gordon shared earlier on this year that the passing of his father was the inspiration behind his fitness regime.

"My father passed of a heart attack at 53. That man never ever ate in my restaurant, and it pains me today to think that."

"I'm very good now at eating five times a day, but small amounts as opposed to a big breakfast, big lunch... and a big dinner," 

"So it's about sort of eating better, but eating less at the same time."

While he may still be known as the blunt chef on TV, it seems he's found a new found happiness of the screen.