Pink shares hilarious photo of a 'family meeting' in the toilet

goss 27/08/2018

It's hard to believe that Pink's first NZ show is happening this Saturday night in Dunedin! But before she hits our shores, she still has a few more concerts in Australia.

Even though she's one of the world's biggest stars, a recent Instagram post has shown that even Pink deals with some of the less glamourous parts of parenting...

Her husband Carey Hart recently shared a picture on his Instagram of him trying to have a moment to himself in the bathroom... But as any parent would know, sometimes privacy can be a hard thing to find!

The photo, presumably taken by Pink, shows an impromptu 'family meeting' in the toilet as Carey attempts to go about his 'business'...

Fans of the couple were quick to respond to the Instagram post, with many admitting to being in similar situations before.

"You guys are awesome parents with beautiful children! Enjoy every second of every day with those little ones that stole your privacy!" wrote one person.

"My life is similar to this, except it’s my damn dogs who bust in and just sit and stare at me." confessed another.

"Bathroom and car rides are a kid's favorite times to bring you their issues because you can't escape" someone else added.

We can't wait to have the whole family in NZ later on this week!